Twin Needle Sewing Isn’t Anything NEW!

I came across a Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine picture recently and it showed being set up for twin needle sewing.  It’s fun to find pictures from the past that remind us that women have been doing this for a very LONG time.  This is a company I had never heard of but it was interesting to see the set up and I couldn’t resist checking them out.

This particular company was purchased by Singer in 1905.  I was able to find them on Wikipedia and it’s a hoot to see their ‘first machine’ patent in 1850.  Trust me…it’s NOTHING like this picture.  If you get a minute, jump over there to see the pictures and read the history.  Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Company  Scroll down to see the pictures on the right of the article.

A quick tip if you’re going to use YOUR twin needle:  Make sure you thread your machine with both threads at the SAME time.  Hold them together and follow the upper thread path as if you are using one thread.  Only divide them up when you get to the needles!  And if you’re wondering…your bobbin stays the same!

These pictures were sewn with a twin needle and a 5 groove pin tuck foot!

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