Transform Your Dress!

This lovely princess style dress was made with linen fabric, an invisible zipper and also the back was changed on the pattern so that it wasn’t so deep.  Avy added specialty stitching on the sleeves and bodice of her dress using embroidery thread.  It has a wonderful tone-on-tone effect.  (Which is always hard to see in pics)  Also check out the wonderful job she did on her neckline!  This dress is NOT lined so that it works for all seasons.









After she made this wonderfully fitted (princess style) dress and wore it a few times, we talked about either making another dress or giving it a new look.  We decided on finding fabric to create an overlay!!
This it what Avy did!


This beautiful, fitted linen dress that she used her specialty stitches on the sleeves and bodice was transformed by adding an organza overlay skirt.  She also made a fun lined, linen purse with specialty stitching to go with her dress.  The green dress fabric that she selected will work with so many colors if she wants to change up her color palette.  I was thinking something fun for Christmas in red?! Or maybe a shorter overlay that looks like a peplum?

It is fun to let your imagination run wild!  Grab a piece of paper and draft a new look today!

Happy Sewing!


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