While sewing a somewhat revised version of Pockets A Plenty Tote, by Whistle Pig Creek Productions, I remembered that I had some lovely OLD buttons that I thought would work with the colors of the tote.  After rooting thru my button stash (read BIG box here), luckily some of the old ones came on cards and they were easy to find.  Perfect size, perfect color….what could go wrong?!  Well, apparently one of them is a little fragile and broke off when I swept my hand over the bag! I have SOOOO many beautiful old buttons and now I will be checking before using them.  Luckily this one broke off BEFORE I sewed the bag together.  And luckier still it’s going to my mother for a gift and I know she will tell me if they break!  (You can always count on your mom to tell you if something you made has had a mishap!  LOL)

I’ve never had this happen before and was wondering if you have?

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