Time Out!

Take time out to….?

Remember when timeout was a punishment?  Now I wish for a timeout from my hectic, busy life.  So as of today, I’m granting myself with a timeout each day.  (Not because I was bad but because I was GOOD!)

To sit quietly and dream of the next project or work on something already started (and who doesn’t have those).  As parents we were taught that timeouts should be 1 minute for every year.  Hmmmm, that’s a nice chunk of time. 😉

The minute rule works in a lot of instances.  As a new mom there’s not as much available time for timeouts but as your children grow sometimes we can actually carve out a little more time.  Think of the gift you will be giving your child.  Teach them that they should give themselves a little time to dream also.

These 2 pictures would generate very different results for me!  How about you?
IMG_0261 IMG_0501

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