Sewing Machine Manuals

This posting is a little late tonight, but I wanted to address the issue of sewing machine manuals!  It is sooo important to have a copy of the manual that goes with your machine.  Each sewing machine can have little differences between other machines, even the mechanical machines but especially the electronic ones.  How a bobbin is wound, or the machine is threaded and don’t get me started on buttonholes.  Sewing machine manufacturers can get very creative with your buttonhole makers.  So I’m adding a link for a website that lists the manufacturers websites.  A lot of manuals can be found online.  It’s really important to have that manual with you when you sew. In order to get the most benefit out of your machine you really need all the information your can find. The manual also addresses troubleshooting and cleaning, which goes a long way to keeping your machine in good working order. If your machine needs oil, make sure your oil is good.  No yellow oil, please!  I’ve also added a link from Craft Nectar with photos on how to clean a front loading machine.  Yours may be a little different, always follow your manual for where to oil and clean your machine, but these pictures may help.

Happy Sewing! Sewing  Craft Nectar

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