Sewing and Dyeing Staycation!

A quick reminder that sewing classes will resume on August 25th!

Ken is off to fish and I’ve invited my Mom to visit and be creative with me. We’re going to dye fabric with Neldina and friends. Then we’ll be reupholstering a slipper chair from my grandmother. Hopefully using some design details. I’m thinking of gathered strips in a rose shape for the back. We will see if that works out!

I’ve started my staycation at Mary Jo’s (you wouldn’t expect me to go to Carowinds would you?)

Am limiting myself to PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric and some denim to make a funny shaped bag for a friend.  Don’t worry. I have 10 days….I’ll be back!!  LOL

Will be posting pics of before and after.

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