Save Your Back!!

How many times have you been cutting and then tried to stand upright?  The feeling can be overwhelming.  You realize that your back feels like a pretzel and have to stretch it out.  And worse than that, you DON’T want to lean over again and keep cutting.  We all know it’s important to stretch and move at least every 15 minutes but even that isn’t always enough.  The best thing that I have found are bed risers! They’re light enough to push under your table legs as you hold up each side and sturdy enough to support the table and any weight you may put on them.  My last batch stated that they would hold up to 500 lbs.  Since I have classes at the house, it’s important to be able to lift up the tables if everyone is cutting.  I just picked up a set at Big Lots for $5.  Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond also sell them. So far, I’ve seen them in only black and white.  They’ve also been under my dining room table and been very stable.  This time of year is wonderful to pick them up, since so many college students have them on their list.

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