Recycled Jean Quilt Rows

Jean Pile Divided

After collecting all of our old jeans, I embroidered them with my kids activities throughout the years.  Everything from preschool thru high school.  It’s been a lot of fun remembering all the different activities and sports throughout the years.  It’s a wonder that we’re not exhausted from all the driving, chaperoning and running around!

I laid out all the squares on my living room floor and made a pattern with the embroidered blocks and filled in with the extra plain blocks.  Then they were stacked into rows.  Each square has a jean square top, batting center and flannel on the back. (I used 2 different flannels)  The batting was cut 1/2″ smaller all around.  The blank squares were embroidered with designs from a quilt software pack from Anita Goodesign. Quilt Feathers & Quilter’s Paradise.  The squares with the activities were freehand quilted with stars and hearts.

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