Never Skip Measuring Before you Sew!

A little princess for Halloween

When almost done becomes ARGHHHHH!  No matter how long you have been sewing, sometimes we miss (skip) the most crucial step, MEASURING!  Especially when we sew for children!

I found a wonderful tutorial online for a Custom Fit Princess Dress, by Sunset Family Living that I could use & change up for my granddaughter’s Halloween costume.  Since I wasn’t going to see her for a few days and had a dress that I made her 6 months ago I figured I was good to go.  I also wanted a bit of ease so that she could use this for ‘dress up’ after Halloween.

She’s a 3T and the pattern was for a 4 year old.  How could anything go wrong?  Well….since it’s not a standard pattern and I guessed at some of the measurements, you can imagine.  I will say that it just fit her and would have worked for the Halloween costume but not for dress up.  Luckily I tried the top on her before attaching the skirt!  The moral of the story is always MEASURE!  But don’t feel bad about first top, I’ll show you what I’m doing with it next week.  Hint:  A little ‘slashing’ never hurt anyone and netting helps.  LOL





img_2032Changes I made:

  • 4″ was added to the original measurements across and 1″ in length and then made changes to the top:
  • Added a Silver Lame Crown with Wonder Under and zig zagged the edges instead of the cross pieces on the bodice.  I lowered the crown on the second bodice.
  •  Adjustable elastic with ties at the waist, this is the same thing I do for pajama bottoms!  You will need to make the band one piece like she says you can.  The tut has 2 separate pieces which wouldn’t allow for the adjustable elastic.
  • The skirt is 2 layers because I used the rest of a bridal dress for the bottom (we love the bling and leftover bridal dress fabric) and the top layer was made like the first part of the skirt, just shorter.  I  gathered them together after making each separately.

I’m so much happier with this top than the original.  I know that it’s big on her but I’m happy with the outcome!  She will be able to get into this on her own, which is SO important for a 3 year old and her mommy and it will fit her for some time to come!  I’m working on a “Dress Up” box for Christmas and this will be a wonderful addition.  We’ve already been to the grocery store to show it off!

Do you have your Halloween costume ready?  For yourself or you favorite trick or treater?  If so, please send a pic and I’ll add it to the comments section!

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