Hand Stitching and Creativity

Are you interested in Hand Stitching?! And want to be Creative?!  Check out this hand stitching with muslin, fabric scraps and DMC floss.  It’s really easy to get started and can be great for younger ones that maybe aren’t quite ready for the machine yet but want to SEW!  This is how many young children started a long time ago.  (I think it’s because mother’s needed a little time to get things finished, but you didn’t hear that from me!)
This is easier and more creative than an alphabet sampler from long ago!

Grab a fairly large piece of muslin (12″x14″) especially if pleating will be done.  Pick fabric scraps from your stash and then find or pick up some DMC and a hand sewing needle.  Straight pins help to keep the pieces on but aren’t totally necessary.

I started with folding a pleat across by hand and sewing a running stitch onto the pleat to hold it down.  (I used only 1 strand of floss)  And then pleating another one down the other way.  Again sew it down with a running stitch.

Cut your fabric in shapes you like.  I chose circles because I like them!  I layered my shapes first and held them down with straight pins.  This way you will know where the shapes overlap.  (There is no need to do hand stitching under shapes.  It creates bumps and why waste the time.  😉  Next week we’ll have the finished piece with some hand embroidery stitches to get you started.

Happy Sewing!


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