Embroidery Club is Here Again!

Embroidery Club starts at Creative Sewing, www.leesewing.com, next month and two of the samples are done and in the shop.  Here’s a quick peek.  February is going to offer The Patchfolio for an 8×11 pad with room on the left for papers, pens and a business card.  It’s a wonderful gift or place to keep papers from class and notes.  I will also be offering directions for an ebook holder as an extra or alternative project.  I just received a kindle for my birthday last year and I love it!  I honestly didn’t know if I’d miss my “real” books, but I have to admit that I like the size and weight of the kindle.  It will make traveling soooooo much easier this year.  Last year for vacation I took a BUNCH of books and was stuck at O’Hare airport rearranging my luggage so that I wasn’t over weight and had to pay extra.  Not fun at all.  April will bring the Quilting Laptop Case.  This was a wonderful project to practice free motion quilting.  It’s small enough that shouldn’t prove too frustrating and I sure need the practice.  I usually quilt with my mother’s long arm. Moving the fabric instead of the machine proves to be very different.  I will definitely need more practice!  I honestly think this bag could be used for anything.  I’m off to finish that last project, which will be a cutwork pillow.  I found that cording for it today and will sew it up tomorrow.

Happy Stitching!

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