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Ink Pad Organization

I used a sock organizer that came from Space Savers  years ago for the ink pad storage.  It works well with the ink pads that I pick up at Michaels, AC Moore & Hobby Lobby.  But it’s a little short for the Stampin Up ones.  Those I’ve put on a can organizer.  The silver board above the ink pads will hold all my eyelets.  I glued magnets to the back of each eyelet case.IMG_2773

Organizing Sewing Tools

The shelf is from Michaels a long time ago, I painted it and added cup hooks for the scissors and rotary cutters.  I’ll be putting my glass jars on top with notions.  Just noticed that all my pics have the drill.  I guess that shows that I’m a little impatient 😉  Will have to add overall pictures when everything is put up and cleaned up.IMG_2858

The studio is being set up!

Getting the embroidery area(s) set up has been a little challenging.  Since the room is smaller I’ve had to give up one table top  (a big one) and had to cut down the embroidery bar top that I’ve used for years.  Thanks to my wonderful husband and his handy jigsaw skills the table has been cut and the embroidery bar is getting set up.  This took away the space for the thread cabinets so those were hung on the walls of the landing to the studio.  Now there’s a splash of color as I come up the stairs!  A very inspiring sight as I start to work.


What a Mess!

The year ended with a bunch of boxes unpacked in the studio but believe it or not there are two machines under there that were used.  Here’s hoping that there will be less boxes and more room in the new year!  I will be posting a couple pics showing finished areas as the month progresses and some of the projects that actually were finished!  Stay warm and happy stitching!IMG_2123 IMG_2124