Blue Ribbon Quilt!



A big shout out to Madison for taking home a BLUE RIBBON for her crazy quilt.  She put crazy hours into this quilt.  All the outer blocks were machine sewn and embellished.  The center of the quilt was the first quilt she made and it was hand sewn.  It was decided that they would be sewn together to showcase all her quilting.  Heart appliqués were added to the center to tie in the fabric.  If you zoom into that pink fabric you will see some beautiful horses.  She has combined her love of horses and quilting.  That fabric is in each block!

Crazy quilting is a very impressive endeavor for a new quilter and yet she followed thru and took home the ribbon.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am for her sticking with it!!  So many (myself included) don’t always finish that hard project, much less go onto win a ribbon!  She put so many hours into the quilt in class and at home and finished just in time for the show.

As we were taking pictures at the last class before the show we were so excited!  Madison’s exact words were “Dang…I actually made this!”  It is so exciting to watch all of the children and adults grow.  And the feeling of accomplishment can never be taken away.  Sewing classes offers so much more than lessons.  We learn how to create, do a little math, persevere when we come to information we’re not sure of and problems we encounter and at the end of all this we can raise up our project and say, “Look what I made!”  THERE’S NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD!!


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