Sewing is a wonderful, relaxing activity that can stimulate your creativity and build self-esteem at any age.

Is the thought of even opening the box too much? or have you gotten past that and the directions are written in a ‘foreign’ language?  Sometimes literally! Would you like to take a series of classes that offer the basics? Are you further along and need a few questions answered or have you become overwhelmed by a project and thrown in into the closet hoping that it will come out finished?

Let me guide you into mastering your machine and sewing like a dream.  Everyone is at a different stage in their sewing path and I would like to help you move past anything that has temporarily derailed you.

Are you looking for Beginner Sewing Lessons, Home Dec, Clothing, Bridal, Babies, Children, Purses, Bags, etc?

I have had a business sewing for brides, everything from dresses, wedding veils, accessories, little girl dresses and christening gowns.  I have taught classes at the local sewing machine dealer store.  The students that come to my private classes have placed in the Make It With Wool contest in Concord, NC and another sewed a portfolio for the School of the Arts in their Textile Program (and was awarded a spot in the high school!)   I have sewn for myself, my children and made gifts.  I love to quilt! This has brought me to a time in my life that I’ve enjoyed the most and that is sharing my love of sewing by teaching.

Solving problems or overcoming obstacles in sewing brings me a lot of satisfaction.   My best moments are seeing a student’s face when they have finished a project and realized their vision has turned into a reality and they have something tangible to share!  The smiles are awesome!