5th Saturday Challenge

Checkerboard with pieces and pouchChallenge Fabrics and Ribbon

One of our neighborhood quilt stores, The Quilting Nook, started a 5th Saturday Challenge every quarter.  I was lucky enough to purchase the last bag.  It contained 4 fat quarters with a variegated brown ribbon.  We could make ANYTHING we wanted.  I couldn’t decide what to make so I hung my fabric on my design wall and kept walking by it.  The only thing I could think of was a checkerboard.  I resisted all the way up until the Friday before the challenge and finally gave in and made the checkerboard.  Apparently I need to listen better, because I won first place for the board!  I couldn’t believe all the creativity that showed up that day.  My checkerboard has the pieces that fit in the pouch and rolls up to travel or store.  The prize for the day was the fabric for the next challenge.  I will be posting pictures from this challenge over the next couple of days and then the new fabric.

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